Esd is committed to a full range of corporate social responsibilities such as:

• Business ethics
• Community economic development & community relations
• Environmental protection
• Human rights
• Social accountability
• Quality policy

Our Vision:

Since its establishment as Vikas group entity Esd has succeeded in winning the highest esteem of the professional and business community and in making a unique contribution to India‘s infrastructure. Esd intends to become a recognized global provider of engineering and technology, Construction & project Management solutions.

Esd is continuing to promote its management and engineering capabilities, based on hands-on involvement by senior executives, nurturing the entire staff, and continuous improvement of the company's unique work environment.


1. At most personal commitment to promote the organization's goals based on co-operation, mutual respect and understanding. 
2. Nurturing personal and business relationships based on honesty, friendship, respect, support and credibility.
3. Willingness to engage in specially concerted efforts to provide the client with the best quality service and solutions.
4. Nurturing long-term friendly and professional relationship with clients and suppliers.


The Esd creates and delivers complete engineering solutions for infrastructure projects, manufacturing plants, via planning, project implementation, consultancy and management services.